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Skydiving in Santa Rosa

Start on your California skydiving adventure by tandem skydiving near Santa Rosa! Tandem skydiving is the fast, safe and easy way to experience freefall near Santa Rosa, California today! Call one of our Santa Rosa Skydiving Experts for specials, discounts and deals at the tandem skydiving dropzone nearest Santa Rosa, California!
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Santa Rosa Skydiving School

Are you interested in taking skydiving to the next level? By attending a skydiving school near Santa Rosa, you can train to become a certified skydiver in California! Whether training by Accelerated Freefall or Tandem Progression, our Santa Rosa Skydiving School Experts can get you certified in as little as 7 jumps! Call for free information today!
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Skydiving Video Packages

Capture the experience from a unique perspective and never forget skydiving near Santa Rosa! Ask one of our Santa Rosa Skydiving Experts about a videographer package (have your own cameraman film the entire experience including freefall!) or a GoPro package which offers a new angle for skydiving videos at a great price!
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Skydiving is the Most Exciting Gift Around

Skydiving in California is one of the most exciting sports for Santa Rosa residents to partake in. Why not share the adventure with a friend or loved one by giving them a skydiving gift certificate! Redeeming our skydiving gift certificates is fast an easy! Once the recipient has a date and time in mind, they will simply give Santa Rosa Skydiving a call at 1-877-651-2654.

One of our representatives will gladly answer any questions he/she may have in regards to their skydiving adventure, as well as check the schedule for availability. Once a date and time is confirmed for their first tandem skydive, Santa Rosa Skydiving will call and go over all of the details they will need for the big day! Brighten up their day by giving Santa Rosa Skydiving a call now at 1-877-651-2654 and order your Santa Rosa Skydiving gift certificate!

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Our Skydiving Gift Certificates are Unmatched!

All of our Skydiving Gift Certificates are valid for two years from the purchase date to ensure that there is always a good time for your first tandem skydive!

Our friendly customer service representatives are standing by 7 days a week to answer any questions you have about Santa Rosa Tandem Skydiving!

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Skydiving Gifts are Perfect for Any Occasion!

  • The most thrilling birthday gift available
  • A great way to celebrate an anniversary
  • Show your company some action with skydiving gifts
  • Throw the newly weds out of a perfectly good airplane
  • Kick it up a notch on graduation day
  • Or just let somebody know that you care!
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Skydiving Santa Rosa California

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